Power Optimised Digital Filterbank as Part of a Psychoacoustic Human Hearing Model

Poppen, Frank and Schulte, Milan and Nebel, Wolfgang
The psychoacoustically motivated filter-bank design introduced in this paper was systematically exam-ined for power reduction potential by applying methodologies and tools supporting power analysis and optimisation at different levels of abstraction. The application of selected tools from the tool suite that was developed in the European project POET, led to a 62 % reduction of power compared to the initial non-optimised design. We show that optimising integrated circuits for power early in the design-phase at high abstraction levels uncovers potential for dramatic savings of power consumption.
05 / 2006
Architecture for Automatic Power Minimization of Signalprocessing Systems
Power Reduction for Digital Audio Signal Processing (DFG Project of the University of Oldenburg)

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