Paving the Way for Hybrid Teaching in Higher Education: Lessons from Students’ Perceptions and Acceptance of Different Teaching Modes during and after the Pandemic

Herena Torio, Andreas Günther, Maria F. Davila R., Martin Knipper
Creative Education
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the higher education landscape, increasing dramatically the acceptance of online and hybrid teaching modes in higher education. The present paper addresses the question on how these teaching modes developed during the pandemic can contribute to enhance traditional teaching experiences in the context of higher education in renewable energy master level courses from the perspective of the students. The main focus of the study lies on the student perception of their learning experience in the different course delivery modes. Additionally, the role of some didactic activities and materials as a complement for enhancing the learning experience in the different teaching modes is investigated. For this purpose, we evaluated several courses delivered in different teaching modes and interviewed students to characterize their perceptions on their learning experience in each of them. Main criteria for the student’s evaluation were the efficacy, workload or motivation and engagement perceived in the different course designs. Results show a high student’s acceptance and suitability of the proposed teaching method as compared to online and traditional face to face teaching modes.
05 / 2023