Non-intrusive TLM-2.0 Transaction Observation, Interception, and Augmentation

Hartmann, Philipp A. and Fakih, Maher A. and Grüttner, Kim
Integrating existing third-party TLM-2.0 components into custom system models frequently require the definition of wrappers to adapt the particular behaviour (or even analysis/tracing capabilities) of such a component to the concrete needs of the overall platform.In this talk, a simple yet powerful framework based on augmentable convenience sockets is presented, greatly reducing the amount of required boiler-plate code in these cases. Transactions are automatically forwarded from/to their wrapped sockets, but can be analysed and even modified easily along the way. The benefits of the approach are demonstrated by externally adding dynamic power- management capabilities to a pre-existing TLM-2.0 system.
09 / 2011
COdesign and power Management in PLatform-based design space EXploration