NEEDS - Nanoelektronik-Entwurf für 3D-Systeme

Hylla, Kai and Metzdorf, Malte and Grünewald, Armin and Hahn, Kai and Heinig, Andy and Knöchel, Uwe and Wolf, Susann and Miller, Felix and Wild, Thomas and Quiring, Artur and Olbrich, Markus and Sattler, Sebastian and Treytnar, Dieter
High-density nanoelectronics consisting of heterogeneous components provide economies of resources and thus cost savings in many application scenarios. They also provide a large number of opportunities and options during the design process. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded project NEEDS provides such a comprehensive process. Tools from different domains such as design methodology, circuit generation, but also from the area of application-specific technology planning, as well as design analysis and test of 3D-Chips are developed and combined. The result is a design process, using specialized and sophisticated tools to achieve a good overall solution. The different optimization goals of the individual tools are weighted against each other in an iterative design space ex-ploration. The optimization of a 3D-Chip is possible in a holistic and interdisciplinary way.
09 / 2012
VDE Verlag
Nanoelectronic design for 3D systems