Multimodal Smart Home User Interfaces

Marco Blumendorf and Sebastian Feuerstack and Sahin Albayrak
Intelligent User Interfaces for Ambient Assisted Living: Proceedings of the First International Workshop IUI4AAL 2008
Interacting with smart devices and smart homes becomes increasingly complex but also more and more important. Computing systems can help the aging society to live autonomously in their own home. However, interacting with such systems is a challenge not only for older people. Multimodal user interfaces and new interaction paradigms can help addressing these problems, but are not yet mature enough to be of direct use. In this paper we describe our work in the area of smart home environments and multimodal user interaction. We present the Ambient Assisted Living Testbed set up at the Technical University of Berlin and the Multi-Access Service Platform, allowing multimodal interaction in this smart environment with adaptivity, session management, migration, distribution and multimodality as key features for future services.
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Kizito Mukasa and Andreas Holzinger and Arthur Karshmer