Multi-aspect Virtual Integration approach for Real-Time and Safety Properties

Gezgin, Tayfun and Oertel, Markus and Weber, Raphael
International Workshop on Design and Implementation of Formal Tools and Systems (DIFTS14)
Verification techniques for analyzing the design or requirements at early development stages are used since the beginning of the model-based design paradigm. Most of these analyses are focused on a single purpose, like safety, real-time, or geometry. This separation of concerns leads to the introduction of so called aspects that describe these properties of a system. Nevertheless, these aspects are not necessarily independent. In this paper we use the fault tolerance time interval, the maximum time to recover from faults, as an example to state the need for a multi-aspect analysis. We present how a virtual integration test can be performed covering safety and real-time properties to prove the correct refinement of requirements. Our requirements formalization approach using contracts, a pattern language and the internal representation as timed automata are described. The presented technique is applied to an automotive lane-keeping- support system.
10 / 2014
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Designing for Adaptability and evolutioN in System of systems Engineering