MTCAS - An Assistance System for Maritime Collision Avoidance

Christian Denker, Axel Hahn
12th International Symposium on Integrated Ship’s Information Systems & Marine Traffic Engineering Conference
In recent years accident statistics have shown a continuous increase in serious and very serious accidents at sea. In the near future, higher traffic density is estimated, which may further contribute to this increase. Within the 3-year Project MTCAS, partners from industry and academia contribute to accident reduction by developing an e-Navigation based System for pro-active, predictive and cooperative collision avoidance. MTCAS is the abbreviation for Maritime Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System, which implies the basic idea of learning from the Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) implementation TCAS. However, MTCAS’ operational principal aims at detecting and solving conflicts with other ships taking into consideration the prevailing circumstances of the environment and traffic but also include relevant rules and regulations, bathymetry, as well gets support by Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). Within this paper a selected set of state of the art techniques and methods are discussed for their contributions and shortcomings. Tackling shortcomings, approaches for Improvement of Situation Awareness, Context-sensitive Prediction, n-Trajectory Optimization and Negotiation of Evasive Options are proposed. MTCAS combines these approaches. A use case on collision detection and resolution is used to describe the three MTCAS functions Situation Assessment, Intention Prediction and Critical Situation Resolution.
8 / 2016
Maritime Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System

OFFIS Autoren