Mosaik: A Framework for Modular Simulation of Active Components in Smart Grids

Schütte, Steffen and Scherfke, Stefan and Tröschel, Martin
This paper presents the requirements and a conceptfor a modular Smart Grid simulation framework based on an automatic composition of existing, heterogeneous simulation models. The composition problem is broken down into different layers, for each of which first concepts for solving the problem are presented. A prototype showing the feasibility of the presented concept has been developed. First simulation results of a Smart Grid scenario including electric vehicles as well as renewableenergy sources are presented. Finally, the limitations of the prototype and possible improvements are discussed.
12 / 2011
Integration der Elektromobilität in bestehende Energie- und Verkehrsnetze.(Sorry - only available in german!)
A framework for modular simulation of active components in Smart Grids