Model-based Toolchain for the Efficient Development of Safety-Relevant Automotive Embedded Systems

Armengaud, Eric and Zoier, Markus and Baumgart, Andreas and Biehl Matthias and Chen, DeJiu and Griessnig, Gerhard and Hein, Christian and Ritter, Tom and T. Kolagari, Ramin
Advanced functionalities unthinkable a few decades ago are now being introduced into automotive vehicles through embedded systems for reasons like emission control, vehicle connectivity, safety and cooperative behaviors. As the development often involves stakeholders from different engineering disciplines and organizations, the complexity due to shared requirements, interdependencies of data, functions, and resources, as well as tight constraints in regards to timing, safety, and resource efficiency makes the system integration, quality control and assurance, reuse and change management increasingly more difficult. This calls for a more rigorous approach to the development of automotive embedded systems and components. This paper describes the CESAR reference technology platform (RTP) that supports the formalization of various engineering concerns in the development of safety-relevant embedded systems and thereby a model-based integration of various tools and methods to form seamless environments or toolchains for the development of such systems.(
04 / 2011
Cost-Efficient Methods and Processes for Safety Relevant Embedded Systems