Metric Based Dynamic Control Charts for Edge Anomaly Detection in Factory Logistics

Patrick Eschemann and Philipp Borchers and Dennis Lisiecki and Jan Elmar Krauskopf
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
The optimization of transport logistics in production environments is a holistic task for the factory of the future. Autonomous guided vehicles that perform transport jobs in factories are facing this challenge and have to detect, react and prepare to unforeseen changes and anomalies in the production system. Due to data protection concerns, details like production plans are often not available for an external transportation system. Hence the anomaly detection has to be based on self-collected and observed data of the transport system like occurred transport needs or the evolution of internal metrics. In this paper we infused a production system with manufacturing process anomalies and demonstrate a detection based on the observation of transport needs to overcome the gab caused by restricted information. For that detection we extended classic control charts to work with expected values based on learned dynamic production characteristics. The system sets a tolerance field as narrow as possible around dynamically determined values, resulting in an average precision of 95% for detection unusual number of transport jobs.
oct / 2022
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