Low Level Space Optimization of an AES Implementation for a Bit Serial Fully Pipelined Architecture

Rettberg, Achim and Weber, Raphael
Analysis, Architectures and Modelling of Embedded Systems
A previously developed AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) implementation is optimized and described in this paper. The special architecture for which this implementation is targeted comprises synchronous and systematic bit-serial processing without a central controlling instance. In order to shrink the design in terms of logic utilization we deeply analyzed the architecture and the AES implementation to identify the most costly logic elements. We propose to merge certain parts of the logic to achieve better area efficiency. The approach was integrated into an existing synthesis tool which we used to produce synthesizable VHDL code. For testing purposes, we simulated the generated VHDL code and ran tests on an FPGA board.
09 / 2009
IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Achim Rettberg, Mauro C. Zanella, Michael Amann, Michael Keckeisen, Franz J. Rammig

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