Load Dependent Data Center Energy Efficiency Metric Based on Component Models

Schlitt, Daniel and Nebel, Wolfgang
2012 International Conference on Energy Aware Computing
Common data center energy efficiency metrics onlywork on a high abstraction level and require actually measured values.With these metrics, it is not possible to identify the sources of shortcomings in efficiency or to explore possible changes in configuration or architecture, respectively. In this paper, an alternative metric addressing these drawbacks is introduced. The metric makes use of pre-characterized load dependent component models and estimates efficiency for arbitrary input data. The results are objectively comparable between different data center configurations as well as between data center sites, and reasonsfor inefficiencies may be identified by extracting intermediate results.
12 / 2012
Middle East Energy Efficiency Research Center (MER)
AC4DC - Adaptive Computing for Green Data Centers: Raise of energy efficiency through intelligent load balancing and infrastructure management, from the distributor to the user

OFFIS Autoren