Knowledge Based Business Intelligence for Business User Information Self-Service

Mertens, Matthias and Krahn, Tobias
Collaboration and the Semantic Web: Social Networks, Knowledge Networks, and Knowledge Resources
Due to a higher need for healthcare provision, and due to the decreasing number of contributors in the German healthcare system, the market situation has changed over the last years. The resulting competitive and cost pressure forces the executives to tap potentials in a competitive manner. Analytical Information Systems as part of business intelligence can be used to receive information from several integrated data sources that may be used in the decision making process. However, the system’s complexity of use can be seen as problematic so that unskilled business users, unlike power users, are not able to execute analyses for their issues in an adequate way. The focus of the presented approach lies on a semantic metadata layer, which is capable to import and manage modeled semantic metadata. Based on this layer, the metadata is supposed to be used for further analyses support functionalities in order to allow a business user information self-service.
04 / 2012
IGI Global
IGI Global