Investigation of Personality Traits and Driving Styles for Individualization of Autonomous Vehicles

Yvonne Brück, Dario Niermann, Alexander Trende, Andreas Lüdtke
International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration
The individualization of autonomous vehicles (AV) promises great improvements in AV acceptance and reduction of uncertainty about the safe functioning of the vehicle. To individualize the AV as quickly as possible, a priori knowledge about the passengers could be used to set up the vehicle behavior. We performed a driving simulator study to derive maneuver-based driving styles. Theses driving styles were presented to users as video sequences during an online study. The online study focuses on items regarding driving style, trust in automation and personality traits. We analyzed correlations between these factors and preferences in different traffic scenarios. Our results suggest that the usage of a priori knowledge about the passenger including a subset of demographic data, personality traits and driving styles can produce a good preset for a driving behavior to quickly increase the acceptance of automation.
Februar / 2021
Springer, Cham
Automation ohne Unsicherheit zur Erhöhung der Akzeptanz Automatisierten und Vernetzten Fahrens