Introduction to the SPES Modeling Framework

Broy, Manfred and Damm, Werner and Henkler, Stefan and Pohl, Klaus and Vogelsang, Andreas and Weyer, Thorsten
Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems
Today’s and, even more so, the future development of embedded systems faces a variety of challenges. Key success factors to meeting these challenges are suitable concepts for abstraction and structure at different levels of granularity. The result of these concepts is a seamless development approach that heavily facilitates reuse and automation. A basic requirement for such a seamless approach is a clear notion of a system that is formalized by a comprehensive modeling theory. According to this modeling theory, a modeling framework has to provide appropriate models and description techniques for modeling the different aspects and artifacts of system development. This section explains these conclusions and introduces the idea of system and the modeling framework. It also references the modeling theories used in SPES.