Interaction of Altitude Control and Waypoint Navigation of a 4 Rotor Helicopter

Puls, Tim and Winkelmann, Hannes and Brucke, Matthias and Hein, Andreas
Advances in Robotics Research
The motivation for the investigation of the interaction of a altitude andposition resp. waypoint controller is the demand for Unattended Aerial Systems(UAS) capable to fulfill e.g. surveillance task in contaminated or in not accessibleareas. This paper deals with the development of such altitude controller and a 2Dposition controller based on GPS data for Unattended Aerial Vehicles (UAV),which are able to hover above a given destination as well as to navigate betweenwaypoints. In addition, these controllers are designed to let a four rotor UAV flywith the maximum possible speed taking into account that the UAV must not lower the cruising altitude in an uncontrolled manner. The introduced controllers were implemented in Matlab/Simulink as well as on a target system for testing and verification purposes. Various simulations and experiments are provided explaining and proving the functionality of the described controller.
06 / 2009
Institute for Robotics and Process Control
Competitive Aerial Robotic Technologies(Sorry - only available in german!)