Inertial Sensor Based Robot Gesture Detection for Safe Human-Robot Interaction

Johann-P. Wolff and Christian Haubelt and Rolf Schmedes and Kim Grüttner
2nd International Workshop on Embedded Software for Industrial IoT (ESIIT) at DATE'19
Ensuring safe operations of industrial robots requires not only a set of safe robot instructions, but also the ability to sense, whether the instructions were followed correctly. This process may requires more than just the reading of robot motor’s positions: using sensors not connected to the robot control system can provide information of the robot’s actual movement that can verify the safe operation. For a robot with a limited set of instructions (each containing a fixed sequence of movements), a gesture recognition system using inertial sensors can be used for online safety validation. In this paper, we describe the prototypical design of such a system for safe human-robot-interaction.
03 / 2019
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