Indecision and delays are the parents of failure - taming them algorithmically by synthesizing delay-resilient control

Mingshuai Chen, Martin Fränzle, Yangjia Li, Peter Nazier Mosaad, Naijun Zhan
Acta Informatica 58(5)
The possible interactions between a controller and its environment can naturally be modelled as the arena of a two-player game, and adding an appropriate winning condition permits to specify desirable behavior. The classical model here is the positional game, where both players can (fully or partially) observe the current position in the game graph, which in turn is indicative of their mutual current states. In practice, neither sensing and actuating the environment through physical devices nor data forwarding to and from the controller and signal processing in the controller are instantaneous. The resultant delays force the controller to draw decisions before being aware of the recent history of a play and to submit these decisions well before they can take effect asynchronously. It is known that existence of a winning strategy for the controller in games with such delays is decidable over finite game graphs and with respect …
10 / 2021

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