I-Pattern for Gap Analysis

Gringel, Philipp and Postina, Matthias
Software Engineering 2010 - Workshopband
Patterns are an effective way to express solutions to constantly occurring problems in software engineering. Books like Erich Gamma’s Design Patterns ([Gam94]) or Martin Fowler’s Analysis Pattern ([Fow96]) helped to develop a common understanding of problem solving in this field. The pattern catalog developed by members of the chair Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis) of TU-Munich ([BELM08]) addresses patterns related to reoccurring problems in enterprise architecture management (EAM) and the authors are still working on this catalog. [BELM08] mentions several concerns related to SOA but is missing patterns concerning the initiation of SOA. This contribution will elaborate on an I-Pattern related to SOA-initiation on the basis of [EHH+08]. The focus lies on the problem of gap analysis on application landscapes as stated in [PSS09] and will further add metrics for gap analysis to this I-Pattern.
02 / 2010
Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) - Proceedings