HW-Driven Emulation with Automatic Interface Generation

Çakir, Mustafa and Grimpe, Eike and Nebel, Wolfgang
This paper presents an approach to automate the emulation of HW/SW-Systems on an FPGA-board attached to a host. The basic steps in design preparation for the emulation are the generation of the interconnection and the description of the synchronization mechanism between the HW and the SW. While some of the related work considers the generation of the interconnection with some manual interventions, the generation of the synchronization mechanism is left to the user as part of the effort to set up the emulation. We present an approach to generate the interconnection and the synchronization mechanism, which allows a HW-driven communication between the SW and the HW.
09 / 2003
International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications, (FPL 2003),

OFFIS Autoren