Gesture Recognition with a Wii Controller

Schlömer, Thomas and Benjamin Poppinga and Boll, Susanne and Henze, Niels
Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2008
In many applications today user interaction is moving away from mouse and pens and is becoming pervasive and much more physical and tangible. New emerging interaction technologies allow developing and experimenting with new interaction methods on the long way to providing intuitive human computer interaction. In this paper, we aim at recognizing gestures to interact with an application and present the design and evaluation of our sensor-based gesture recognition. As input device we employ theWii-controller (Wiimote) which recently gained much attention world wide. We use Wiimote's acceleration sensor independent of the game console for gesture recognition. The system allows the training of arbitrary gestures by users which can then be recalled for interacting with systems like photo browsing on a home TV. The developed library exploits Wii-sensor data and employs a hidden Markov model for training and recognizing userchosen gestures. Our evaluation shows that we can recognize gestures already with small number of training samples. In addition to the gesture recognition we also present our experiences with the Wii-controller and the implementation of the gesture recognition. The system forms the basis for our ongoing work on multimodal intuitive media browsing and will be available to other researchers in the field.
01 / 2008
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices