Gain More from PUE: Assessing Data Center Infrastructure Power Adaptability

Daniel Schlitt, Gunnar Schomaker and Wolfgang Nebel
Energy-Efficient Data Centers, Third International Workshop, E²DC 2014, Cambridge, UK, June 10, 2014
The power usage effectiveness (PUE) for data centers is used by operators as KPI to measure the absolute infrastructure power overhead. However, this only draws conclusions on static or average operation conditions during an usual annual time period. For analyzing the aspect of dynamics in the IT to infrastructure power relation, we propose two new metrics. First, the power variability (PVar). It simply indicates the relative rates and heights of power variations. Second, the infrastructure power adaptability (IPA). It relates the power variabilities and relative average deviations of IT and infrastructure power in order to represent the scalability and adaptability of the infrastructure to the IT demands. Both metrics use the same input data also needed for a continuous PUE calculation. Thus, the applicability in a data center running a PUE-metering can be ensured. In an evaluation, we applied the IPA on power traces of a container data center and compared the results with PUE scalability, a metric with the same scope. The comparison showed, that IPA covers more operating states and is therefore more robust and reliable than its counterpart.
6 / 2014
AC4DC - Adaptive Computing for Green Data Centers: Raise of energy efficiency through intelligent load balancing and infrastructure management, from the distributor to the user

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