"Future Energy Grid" - Migration Paths into the Internet of Energy

Dänekas, Christian and Rohjans, Sebastian and Wissing, Carsten and Appelrath, H.-Jürgen
This paper presents results obtained within the project “Future Energy Grid”. The main goal is to identify technological migration paths for Information andCommunication Technologies (ICT) in order to support the evolution of the power system towards a smart grid. To achieve this, three “extreme” scenarios for 2030 have been developed, adapting a scientific methodology for scenario techniques. They are being derived from a set of eight key factors, each having two to four future projections for proper scenarios. Based on these results, recommendations for regulatory, technical and political actions will be given, addressing decision makers from politics and economy. Especially, coordination between market development and political frameworks for funding and technology export shall be supported.
10 / 2011
Future Energy Grid
Migrationspfade ins Internet der Energie