Field Test of Grid oriented chp micro units for the domestic energy supply

Bunk, Marcus and Korte, Mario and Kurrat, Michael and Nebel, Wolfgang
Proccedings of the 21st International Conference on Electricity Distribution CIRED
The Energy Research Alliance of Lower Saxony (FEN) has developed the grid-oriented operating method of combined- heat-and-power (CHP) micro units for the domestic energy supply. With this mode of operation, it is possible to adapt the power-supply of the distributed generators to the load profile of the low voltage system. There is also a decoupling of the heating supply and the power generation by a thermal storage tank.Via a communication interface according to the international standard IEC 61850, the CHP micro unit will be controlled through the internet and thus from everywhere. In a field test with two units, the grid-oriented operating method will be tested for one year. The field test started with the beginning of 2011 in two multi-family houses of a regional building society. The Operation of the power plants happens by an intelligent power generation plan. This plan is created from measurement values of the local installation by a mainframe computer. There, the values are revised and transmitted to the CHP micro units.
06 / 2011
Forschungsverbund Energie Niedersachsen

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