Feasibility Study of Probabilistic Timing Analysis Methods for SDF Applications on Multi-Core Processors

Ralf Stemmer and Hai-Dang Vu and Maher Fakih and Kim Grüttner and Sebastien Le Nours and Sebastien Pillement
Early validation of software running on multi-core platforms is fundamental to guarantee functional correctness and that real-time constraints are fully met. In the domain of timing analysis of multi-core systems, existing simulation-based approaches and formal mathematical methods are hampered with scalability problems. In this context, probabilistic simulation techniques represent promising solutions to improve scalability of analysis approaches. However, creation of probabilistic SystemC models remains a difficult task and is not well supported for multi-core systems. In this technical report, we present a feasibility study of probabilistic simulation techniques considering different levels of platform complexity. The evaluated probabilistic simulation techniques demonstrate good potential to deliver fast yet accurate estimations for multi-core systems.
Mar / 2019