Experimental Evaluation of Probabilistic Execution-Time Modeling and Analysis Methods for SDF Applications on MPSoCs

Ralf Stemmer and Hai-Dang Vu and Kim Grüttner and Sebastien Le Nours and Wolfgang Nebel and Sebastien Pillement
International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation (SAMOS XIX)
Early validation of software running on multi-processor platforms is fundamental to guarantee that real-time constraints will be fully met. In the domain of timing analysis probabilistic simulation techniques tackle the problem of scalability.However, creation of probabilistic SystemC models remains a difficult task and is not well supported for multi-processors systems.In this paper we present a modeling workflow that will then be used for an experimental evaluation of probabilistic simulation techniques.For the modeling process a measurement-based approach is proposed to favor the creation of trustful models. The evaluated probabilistic simulation techniques demonstrate good potential to deliver fast yet accurate estimations for multi-processor systems.

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