Event-based Synchronization of Model-Based Multimodal User Interfaces

Marco Blumendorf and Sebastian Feuerstack and Sahin Albayrak
MDDAUI '06 - Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces 2006
in his daily life, moving interaction with computers from a single system to a complex, distributed environment. User interfaces available in this environment need to adapt to the specifics of the various available devices and are distributed across several devices at the same time. A problem arising with distributed user interfaces is the required synchronization of the different parts. In this paper we present an approach allowing the event-based synchronization of distributed user interfaces based on a multi-level user interface model. We also describe a runtime system we created, allowing the execution of model-based user interface descriptions and the distribution of user interfaces across various devices and modalities using channels established between the system and the end devices.
Andreas Pleuss and Jan Van den Bergh and Heinrich Hussmann and Stefan Sauer and Alexander Boedcher