Evaluation of Camera Phone Based Interaction to Access Information Related to Posters

Pielot, Martin and Henze, Niels and Nickel, Christian and Menke, Christian and Samadi, Sören and Boll, Susanne
Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World 2008
In our daily life we are surrounded by posters advertising brands, products, and events. Seeing an interesting poster we often want to access related digital information and services, such as a ticket service, reviews, and opening hours. The easiest solution today is to open a browser and type in the URL printed on the poster or use a search engine to find related content. In this paper we present a system that enables the user to shoot a photo of a poster using a mobile phone. The photo is analyzed and the user receives related information and services. We compare this interaction technique with the facility provided by recent PDAs. Our evaluation with 46 participants shows that the designed interaction outperforms a virtual keyboard based interaction in terms of speed and user satisfaction.
01 / 2008
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices