Evaluation of an Off-Screen Visualization for Magic Lens and Dynamic Peephole Interfaces

Henze, Niels and Boll, Susanne
Proceedings of MobileHCI
Map navigation is often limited due to the inherent size restrictions of mobile devices' displays. Using a magic lens to interact with physical objects has been proposed as a way to reduce this limitation. The dynamic peephole interface is an alternative approach where a device is moved across a virtual surface. In this paper we study the effect of an additional visualization of objects beyond the screen on magic lens and dynamic peephole interfaces. In the conducted experiment the participants had to select points of interest shown on a map. We show that an additional visualization of off-screen objects decreases the task completion time and reduces the perceived task load. The advantage of an off-screen visualization is much higher than the difference between using a magic lens instead of a dynamic peephole interface.
09 / 2010
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices