Ensuring Safety in Augmented Reality from Trade-off Between Immersion and Situation Awareness

Jinki Jung, Hyeopwoo Lee, Jeehye Choi, Abhilasha Nanda, Uwe Gruenefeld, Tim Claudius Stratmann, Wilko Heuten
Although the mobility and emerging technology of augmented reality (AR) have brought significant entertainment and convenience in everyday life, the use of AR is becoming a social problem as the accidents caused by a shortage of situation awareness due to an immersion of AR are increasing. In this paper, we address the trade-off between immersion and situation awareness as the fundamental factor of the AR-related accidents. As a solution against the trade-off, we propose a third-party component that prevents pedestrian-vehicle accidents in a traffic environment based on vehicle position estimation (VPE) and vehicle position visualization (VPV). From a RGB image sequence, VPE efficiently estimates the relative 3D position between a user and a car using generated convolutional neural network (CNN) model with a region-of-interest based scheme. VPV shows the estimated car position as a dot using an out-of-view object visualization method to alert the user from possible collisions. The VPE experiment with 16 combinations of parameters showed that the InceptionV3 model, fine-tuned on activated images yields the best performance with a root mean squared error of 0.34 m in 2.1 ms.
10 / 2018