Distributed multi-objective scheduling of power consumption for smart buildings

Marvin Nebel-Wenner,Christian Reinhold,Farina Wille,Astrid Nieße,Michael Sonnenschein
Energy Informatics
Load management of electrical devices in residential buildings can be applied withdifferent goals in the power grid, such as the cost optimization regarding variableelectricity prices, peak load reduction or the minimization of behavioral efforts for usersdue to load shifting. A cooperative multi-objective optimization of consumers andgenerators of power has the potential to solve the simultaneity problem of powerconsumption and optimize the power supply from the superposed grid regardingdifferent goals. In this paper, we present a multi-criteria extension of a distributedcooperative load management technique in smart grids based on a multi-agentframework. As a data basis, we use feasible power consumption and productionschedules of buildings, which have been derived from simulations of a building modeland have already been optimized with regard to self-consumption. We show that theflexibilities of smart buildings can be used to pursue different targets and display theadvantage of integrating various goals into one optimization process.
September / 2019
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