DiDiER – Digitized Services in Dietary Counselling for People with Increased Health Risks Related to Malnutrition and Food Allergies

Elfert, Patrick and Eichelberg, Marco and Tröger, Johannes and Britz, Jochen and Alexandersson, Jan and Bieber, Daniel and Bauer, Jürgen and Teichmann, Susanne and Kuhn, Ludwig Kuhn and Thielen, Martin, and Sauer, Janina and Münzberg, Alexander and Rösch, Norbert and Hein, Andreas
IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications
The goal of the DiDiER project is to verifiably improve services in the field of dietary counselling. This will be achieved by digitising information to increase counselling intensity and to improve workflows for the service provider. The project will develop an IT-based support system for dietary counselling, covering two use cases, facilitation and support of the work of nutritionists in ambulatory allergological nutrition counselling and of nutritionists involved in the care of geriatric patients, especially of those with frailty. One of the project’s significant features is that the user’s sensitive data remain under his or her personal control at all times.
Juli / 2017
Digitized Services in Dietary Counseling for People with Increased Health Risks related to Malnutrition