Development and Evaluation of an Assistant System to Aid Monitoring Behavior during Multi-UAV Supervisory Control: Experiences from the D3CoS Project

Fortmann, Florian and Mengeringhausen, Tobias
Proc. of ECCE'14
The core function a human operator in charge of a supervisory control task is responsible for is \textit{monitoring}. However, research has shown that the correct execution of this function is often violated. The consequences can be disastrous for human life and the environment. Within the framework of the European project D3CoS, we developed an assistant system to aid the monitoring behavior of a human operator in charge of supervisory control of highly automated unmanned aerial vehicles. The idea behind the assistant system was to continuously invoke visual cues on the display used to supervise the mission in order to guide the operator's visual attention towards information demanding attention. Two studies were performed to evaluate the system along different target measures, such as situation awareness, workload, user acceptance and market potential. Overall, the results show that the system has positive effects on many target measures but not on all of them. Further research is needed to improve the system functions.
9 / 2014
Applying Pilot Models for Safer Aircrafts