Designing a visual cue invocation scheme to aid monitoring behavior on a digital map display

Fortmann, Florian and Boll, Susanne CJ
CHI'14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems
At CHI'13 we introduced Supervisory Guide - an assistant system that invokes visual cues on a digital map display to aid the monitoring behavior of a human operator supervising unmanned aerial vehicles. The overall goal of the system is to improve situation awareness. A previously performed evaluation showed that the design of the scheme dictating the look and feel of visual cues invoked on the display is very important for user acceptance. This paper presents two connected participatory design studies. In the first study 12 participants explored the design space and sketched schemes using pen and paper. In the second study 6 participants specified the implemented scheme on the display. The results were used to design an adequate visual cue invocation scheme.
Applying Pilot Models for Safer Aircrafts

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