Decoupling Models and Visualisations for Practical EA Tooling

Kruse, Steffen and Addicks, Jan Stefan and Postina, Matthias and Steffens, Ulrike
Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Service-oriented Computing
Rigorous modelling techniques and specialised analysis methods support enterprise architects when embarking on enterprise architecture management (EAM). Yet, while customised modelling solutions provide scalability, adaptability and exibility they are often in conflict with generic or reusable visualisations. We present an approach to augment customised modelling with the techniques of model transformations and higher-order transformations to provide flexible and adaptable visualisations with a minimum of requirements for the underlying enterprise models. We detail our approach with a proof-of-concept implementation and show how a decoupling can ease EAM approaches and provide appropriate tooling in practice.
2 / 2010
Interoperabilität und Feature-Tracing für Werkzeugketten in der modellgetriebenen Entwicklung(Sorry - only available in german!)