Coping with Smart Grid - Standardization and Enterprise Architecture at your Service

Postina, Matthias and Uslar, Mathias and Rohjans, Sebastian and Steffens, Ulrike
Enterprise Interoperability - Proceedings of the Workshops of the third International IFIP Working Conference IWEI 2011
This paper shows how bene cial a close collaborationbetween Standardization and Enterprise Architecture can be interms of the future Smart Grid IT architecture. We motivate the currenttrends in ICT for Smart Grids and bring in existing EA approaches andarchitectures from other domains. Starting with the IEC 62357 SeamlessIntegration Architecture, we identify ve key issues to cope with SmartGrid challenges.
07 / 2011
John Wiley & Sons, ISTE
37 - 45
Martin Zelm, Marten van Sinderen, Guy Doumeingts, Pontus Johnson