Conception of a Humanoid-Robot-Patient in Education to Train and Practice

Schwarz, Patricia and Hein, Andreas
IEEE 2nd German Education Conference (GECon)2023
This paper presents the concept and current workin progress of an humanoid robot patient for use in educationfor practicing and training medical diagnoses. Human robotsare robots designed to imitate human movement and communication. We use the humanoid robot called Amecadeveloped by Engineered Arts. Ameca has a human-likeconversation and can express many human-like facialexpressions. The humanoid robot could provide an additionalsafe training environment in education where students canphysically interact with a simulation patient and train on avariety of cases, while completely avoiding real patientsexposure. Accordingly, the additional use of a humanoid robotin medical education can be expected to have a huge didacticbenefit. The simulation concept for medical training is based oninterdisciplinary cooperation in the fields of engineering,computer science and medicine according to the principles ofuser-centered design. We describe the fundamentals that arecovered on the specific knowledge field, the capabilities of therobot and the planned use cases. We provide a description ofthe design of the system as well as the technology conceptsleveraged.
August / 2023