Behavioral-Level Thermal- and Aging-Estimation Flow

Rosinger, Sven and Metzdorf, Malte and Helms, Domenik and Nebel, Wolfgang
Test Workshop (LATW), 2011 12th Latin American
In recent transistor technologies design metrics highly interdepend on each other and cannot be regarded isolated. For example temperature analysis requires detailed knowledge of the power consumption and leakage currents exponentially depend on the temperature. Additionally long-term aging- or degradation-effects such as electromigration and NBTI occur in recent designs and need to be considered too. For these reasons we propose a flow applying run-time efficient and accurate methods and tools from the power-, thermal-, and aging-estimation domain in combination with a model describing the physical properties of the IC package design. The flow iterates the parameter estimation to handle all interdependencies and results in a steady state after few runs and only seconds of execution time.
3 / 2011
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