Automatic Tranformation of MATLAB/Simulink Models to SystemC AMS

Bannow, Nico and Görgen, Ralph and Nebel, Wolfgang
To satisfy the reliability requirements of today's embedded systems, such as automotive electronics, design validation at system level is essential. A common way to do this is simulation. One of the major challenges in this context arises from the fact that different parts of a system are modeled in different modeling environments, e.\,g. digital hardware components are implemented in hardware description languages like VHDL or SystemC, whereas an overall system model is done in multi-domain environments like Simulink. Hence, to enable system level verification, techniques for an efficient co-simulation of those modeling environments are necessary. In this paper, we present an automated flow for integrating hardware descriptions into Simulink simulations. The model transformation strategy will be described and evaluated with two industrial automotive electronics hardware designs.
05 / 2011
Rapid System Prototyping and Platformbased Design for Mixed-Signal-Multiprocessor SoC

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