Application of Simulation Based Risk Assessment for Driver Assistance Systems Development

Cassani, Mirella and Alsen, Jens and Wortelen, Bertram
Human Modelling in Assisted Transportation
This paper proposes the application of a new methodology for an improved Human Error Risk Analysis in the current design process of driver assistance systems to a specific case study. The basic ideas of the methodology are: 1) to use well-known and existing techniques; 2) to combine them with a quasi-static approach to account for the variability and dynamicity of Human-Machine Interaction; and 3) to utilise joint cognitive models to evaluate the consequences of the HMI as well as to derive probabilities of human inadequate performances. After a general overview of the Risk Based Design methodology and the description of the Driver Model, the proposed case study is developed. Specific attention is given to the application of the driver model within the methodology.
01 / 2011
Integrated Human Modelling and Simulation to support Human Error Analysis of Partially Autonomous Driver Assisatance Systems
P. Carlo Cacciabue, Magnus Hjälmdahl, Andreas Lüdtke, Costanza Riccioli