Adaptive Simulation of Monitoring Behavior - The Adaptive Information Expectancy Model

Wortelen,Bertram and Lüdtke, Andreas
This paper presents the Adaptive Information Expectancy (AIE) model, which simulates the scheduling of attention within cognitive architectures. Results of a first evaluation study are shown based on a simple laboratory monitoring task, which was developed by John Senders in the 1960s. An overview on the AIE model is given and it is shown how it was integrated in the Cognitive Architecture for Safety Critical Task Simulation (CASCaS). A formal model for Senders’ Task was developed and then simulated using CASCaS. Several aspects of the AIE model are evaluated on the basis of the simulations of this agent in two main steps. The first step of the evaluation compares the agent behavior with results from the studies conducted by Senders. In this step two alternative AIE model variants are compared to participants' behavior. The second evaluation step explores parameter sensitivity and the convergence behavior of the model.
03 / 2013
Integrated Human Modelling and Simulation to support Human Error Analysis of Partially Autonomous Driver Assisatance Systems