Adaptive Scheduling of Dynamic Reconfiguration in Stream-Based Applications

Görgen, Ralph and Oppenheimer, Frank and Nebel, Wolfgang
Dynamic runtime reconfigurable logic is a very attractive alternative in embedded system design. Due to the long reconfiguration times, the reconfiguration overhead can decrease the system performance hugely. Therefore, appropriate reconfiguration scheduling strategies are necessary. In this work, we present an adaptive configuration locking mechanism as a design template for stream-based applications. It takes application specific parameters and the current load situation of the system into account to come to a better scheduling decision at runtime. In addition, an example has been implemented to show how timing behaviour depends on runtime parameters. With this example, we demonstrate that the model can be optimized and customized to different use cases easily due to its modularity and the used application level modelling method.
01 / 2008
Analysis and Design of run-time Reconfigurable, heterogeneous Systems