Adaptive Human-Automation Cooperation: A General Architecture for the Cockpit and its Application in the A-PiMod Project

Javaux, Denis and Fortmann, Florian and Möhlenbrink, Christoph
Proc. of COGNITIVE'15
The design of future aircraft cockpits will be based on a cooperative team perspective of the human crew and the automation. The team perspective requires to rethink the interaction between the human crew and the automation. It further requires to develop a human-machine system architecture that supports this perspective. This paper describes a general architecture for adaptive human-automation cooperation in the cockpit. It relies on an analysis of the nature of the flight for better integration of the crew and cockpit automation in the joint, cooperative and adaptive completion of the flight. The architecture has been instantiated in the European project A-PiMod, which aims at developing adaptive multi-modal cockpits to support the interaction between the human crew and the automation.
3 / 2015
Applying Pilot Models for Safer Aircrafts