A Visual Logic for the Description of Highway Traffic Scenarios

Kemper, Stephanie and Etzien, Christoph
Proceeding of the Fourth International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management CDS&M 2013
In this paper, we present the syntax and semantics of the visual logic (VL) used to specify (sequences of) traffic situations on the highway. VL was developed in the context of driver assistance system development, and is intended to bridge the (terminology) gap between system engineers and traffic psychologists developing driver assistance systems, and scientists modelling, analysing and verifying such systems. To achieve this goal, the logic is intuitive and simple, thus easy to understand and apply, yet it has a formal, automaton-based semantics which allows to use well-established tools and formalisms for further analysis of the system. We show how VL can be used to specify scenarios on the highway involving interaction of driver and assistance system, and how it can be used in the context of observer-based verification to analyse and verify the assistance system with respect to these scenarios.
12 / 2013
Springer International Publishing Switzerland
Integrated Modeling for Safe Transportation
Designing for Adaptability and evolutioN in System of systems Engineering
Marc Aiguier, Frederic Boulanger, Daniel Korb, Clotilde Marchal

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