A Software Architecture for Grid Utilisation in Business Workflows

Gudenkauf, Stefan and Hasselbring, Wilhelm and Heine, Felix and Höing, André and Kao, Odej and Scherp, Guido
Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik 2008
Within an enterprise various information systems have to be run. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) has become a well-established way to integrate such heterogeneous business information systems and to map business processes to the technical system level. To do so, workflow systems and middleware are employed to constitute SOAs. Thereby, Web Services provide means to enable service orchestration as well as to hide the underlying infrastructure. Also, to allow resource sharing within a single organisation, technologies and concepts from the domain of High performance Computing (HPC) and Grid computing were adopted to constitute so called Enterprise Grids. Nevertheless, a holistic approach for service orchestration and inter-organisational resource sharing in business information systems (BIS) is not yet available. The recently started BIS-Grid project, a BMBF-funded project in the context of the German D-Grid initiative, intends to contribute to the realisation of such a holistic approach by not adopting but rather extending Grid technologies as a highly capable means of integrating decentralised BIS. In this paper, we illustrate our efforts to realise our approach. We present the intention of the project, portrayed by the description of two application scenarios to be performed with two of our partners, we present the requirements on which the project is based, and we present the architecture of a Grid-enabled WS-BPEL engine that is able to orchestrate stateful Grid Services.
01 / 2008
Betriebliche Informationssysteme: Grid-basierte Integration und Orchestrierung