A Retrospective View of a Rehabilitation Homecare Scenario for Cardiac Patients

Koslowski, Oliver and Lipprandt, Myriam and Busch, Clemens and Eichelberg, Marco and Müller, Frerk and Willemsen, Detlev and Ertürkmen, Gökçe Banu Laleci and Dogac, Asuman and Hein, Andreas
Handbook of Digital Homecare
The SAPHIRE project aimed to develop an intelligent healthcare monitoring and decision support system on a platform integrating the wireless medical sensor data with hospital information systems. In this paper one of the two demonstrator environments—the homecare scenario—is described from the medical and technical point of view. A retrospective view of the technical and medical internal challenges of the homecare scenario of the project is given. Also the external challenges that influenced the project, like economic aspects and legal issues, are being discussed. Furthermore, an outlook on the follow-up project OSAmI is given with regards to the experience learned from SAPHIRE (http://www.srdc.com.tr/metu-srdc/webpage/projects/saphire).
10 / 2011
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Communications in Medical and Care Compunetics
Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring based on Semantic Interoperability Platform (sorry - only available in German)
Bos, Lodewijk and Dumay, Adrie and Goldschmidt, Leonard and Verhenneman, Griet and Yogesan, Kanagasingam