A Mobile Application for Documentation and Guiding of Stroke Patients – The LotsenApp

Christian Lüpkes, Timo Wolters, Andreas Hein
Abstract Vortrag:Within a research project a trial investigates whether secondary strokes are preventable with a cross-sectoral post-stroke case and care management program. This program is done by so called stroke navigators. The impact of stroke navigators in cross sector care and on the overall health of patients still needs to be proven by studies, wherefore data has to be collected from and by the stroke navigators about the case management process which is the core of the intervention.Therefore patient-centred data had to be obtained from the process of guiding the patients across different care providers besides other data about the treatment and patient reportedoutcomes from different sources. Since a paper based documentation for the care management is time-consuming (data has to be entered a second time to an electronic system), errorprone and does not provide active support (paper can not check data constraints or directing through a complex case and care management process) a special application, the so called LotsenApp, was established together with an IT-infrastructure to overcome these shortcomings.
7 / 2021
International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI)
Stroke OWL
Sektorübergreifend organisiertes Versorgungsmanagement komplexer chronischer Erkrankungen am Beispiel Schlaganfall durch Schlaganfall-Lotsen in der Pilotregion Ostwestfalen-Lippe (sorry, only available in German)