A mixed integer modeling of micro energy-hub system

Payam Teimourzadeh Baboli, M Yazdani Damavandi, M Parsa Moghaddam, MR Haghifam
Power & Energy Society General Meeting
In this paper smart operation of micro energy hub is presented. Energy hub system consists of certain energy hubs and interconnectors that are coordinated by energy hub system operator. An energy hub contains several converters and storages to serve demanded services in most efficient manner from available energy carriers. In this paper, the flexibility of energy delivery point is enhanced using micro energy hub concept. Smart micro energy hub is operated in minimum cost considering the price of input energy carriers, the amount of forecasted output energy carriers and the available facilities included in the hub. Regarding this matter, two micro energy hubs with different characteristics are modeled which are equipped with CHP unit, warmer, boiler and heat storage. The effectiveness of the proposed system is validated by running numerical study on a test system.
July / 2015