A Measurement-based Message-level Timing Prediction Approach for Data-Dependent SDFGs on Tile-based Heterogeneous MPSoCs

Ralf Stemmer, Hai-Dang Vu, Sébastien Le Nours, Kim Grüttner, Sébastien Pillement, Wolfgang Nebel
Applied Sciences
Fast yet accurate performance and timing prediction of complex parallel data flow applications on multi-processor systems remains a very difficult discipline. The reason for it comes from the complexity of the data flow applications w.r.t. data dependent execution paths and the hardware platform with shared resources, like buses and memories. This combination may lead to complex timing interferences that are difficult to express in pure analytical or classical simulation-based approaches. In this work, we propose the combination of timing measurement and statistical simulation models for probabilistic timing and performance prediction of Synchronous Data Flow (SDF) applications on MPSoCs with shared memories. We exploit the separation of computation and communication in our SDF model of computation to set-up simulation-based performance prediction models following different abstraction approaches. We especially propose a message-level communication model driven by a data-dependent probabilistic execution phase timing model. We compare our work against measurement on two case-studies from the computer vision domain: a Sobel filter and a JPEG decoder. We show that the accuracy and execution time of our modeling and evaluation framework outperforms existing approaches and is suitable for a fast yet accurate design space exploration.

OFFIS Autoren