A Framework for Communication and Interaction in Spatially Distributed Social Groups

Jasper van de Ven, Falko Schmid, Tobias Hesselmann, Susanne Boll,
Social relationships between spatially separated groups can be difficult to establish and maintain. Meetings and talks are often reduced to a minimum because of the spatial distance between the involved groups. Our approach to solve this is to interconnect separated groups using a network of multi-modal displays, which are able to detect and represent social activities at the respective other site. To comprehensively represent and interpret social activities in those display environments and establish a communication channel between them, a highly flexible and dynamic software architecture is needed. As a solution, we have developed a framework for interaction and communication in spatially distributed social groups, which is described in this paper. We present the concept, the actual architecture and a prototypical implementation of the system.
09 / 2010
UbiComp 2010